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【USA】School Visit in San Francisco

8月 28日

Can-based-sanshin performance & talk event with students. Only Official.

Thank you for inviting me! I am looking forward to visiting you all!

Message from Rio Inyaku

     Kankara-sanshin(*) I play is originally a handmade can-based musical instrument which comforted Okinawan people in the aftermath of WWII. 
     Okinawa, which locates the southernmost of Japan, consists of many beautiful islands with rich culture and friendly people. In 1945 the battle of Okinawa was so fierce that many people died. Though survivors have never lost their love of life, nor love of music, and restored the community. 
     My dream is to create new Okinawan songs and sing with friends all over the world to make the Earth a happier place to live. My deepest appreciation to all friends-to-be in USA. Let’s enjoy music and celebrate joy of living altogether!

Rio Inyaku’s profile

16-year-old can-based sanshin (Kankara-sanshin) (*) player and a best-selling poet of “I chose to be born as the way I am”(2012) sold 130,000 copies in Japan.
He plays Kankara-sanshin extremely fast and also behind his neck just like Jimi Hendrix. He uses effects pedals and a loop station connector with Kankara-sanshin which makes his music globally unique. He plays his original songs, Okinawan folk music, and also popular songs in Okinawan style arranged by himself.
He has performed live in many cities, including on big stages such as “World Eisa Contest 2017” held at the National Theater Okinawa, and “Sanshin-day,” one of the biggest folk song festival in Japan.

    He will also play in Manhattan, NY on 23 August, and possibly in Boston on 18 August.

You can access his YouTube channel via Rio’s website in English
FB mainly in Japanese, but English comment is welcomed
You can enjoy his original music with two sanshins here


8月 28日