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【USA】Rio x Rio Special Live in NEW YORK

8月 23日

Rio x Rio Special Live in NY

7:40 pm Door open / 8:00 Concert begins / 9:30-10:00 Reception
CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing)
123 4th Ave., 2nd Fl. New York, NY 10003
(3 minutes’ walk from 14th St.-Union Sq. subway station
Above “Think Coffee”)
FREE EVENT (Suggested donation of 20$ cash)
Food/Drink donation are all welcome!
Seats are limited!
Please RSVP here (direct link)

Families and kids are welcome!

for more info please visit  FB event site in both Engilish & Japanese




Performers’ Profile

Rio Inyaku :  16-year-old can-based sanshin (Kankara-sanshin) (*) player and a best-selling poet of “I chose to be born as the way I am”(2012) sold 130,000 copies in Japan. He plays Kankara-sanshin extremely fast and also behind his neck just like Jimi Hendrix. He uses effects pedals and a loop station connector with Kankara-sanshin which makes his music globally unique. He plays his original songs, Okinawan folk music, and also popular songs in Okinawan style arranged by himself. He is experienced in live performance in many cities, including big stages such as “World Eisa Contest 2017” held at the National Theater Okinawa, and “Sanshin-day,” one of the biggest folk song festivals in Japan. He will also play in Noe Valley Farmers Market in San Francisco, 25 Aug, 9:00-10:45.  please visit his website in English ,  FB  and his original music with two sanshins

Message from Rio Inyaku  : Kankara-sanshin(*) I play with is originally a handmade can-based musical instrument which comforted Okinawan people in the aftermath of WWII. Okinawa, which locates the southernmost of Japan, consists of many beautiful islands with rich culture and friendly people. In 1945 the battle of Okinawa was so fierce that many people died. Though, survivors have never lost their love of life, nor love of music, and restored the community. My dream is to create new Okinawan songs and sing with friends all over the world to make the Earth a happier place to live. My deepest appreciation to all friends-to- be in NY!  Let’s enjoy music and celebrate joy of living altogether!


 Rio’ :   14–year-old singer-songwriter and pianist. Born in Tokyo in 2003. She has been learning the basics of music since she was 3 years old, and since she was 6 years old also piano, music theory and composition. She has won a series of authoritative piano performance competitions and composition competitions in 8 years in a row, and her outstanding career attracts many music stake holders. She started writing songs with lyrics and playing the guitar since 2017, and her YouTube channel “Ririon” has a good reputation. In December 2017, she recorded her original song “Daijoubu” (which means “You are OK” in English) with a band arrangement. It was distributed worldwide by iTunes, Amazon Music etc. in February 2018. Drumming, recording, mixing and mastering are by Masatatsu Tsubuki, a renowned recording engineer in Japan. She makes her inspiration into her lyrics and sings for the world with love and warmth.  please visit her original music , FB , digest videos , and YouTube “Ririon

Message from Rio’: I have composed many piano songs since I was little. At one day when I was 13 years old, I suddenly had an inspiration of lyrics and melodies; they naturally became a song. Since then, when I am relaxed, lyrics and melodies come to me at the same time, which makes me feel like they are coming down from heaven. In April I stayed at American family home in the Los Angeles suburbs, and I realized we can communicate by music without words.I would like to make many people happy and cheerful with my music. I am looking forward to seeing you all.



8月 23日


Center for Remembering & Sharing
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Center for Remembering & Sharing
123 4th Ave 2nd Fl. Manhattan
New York, United States
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