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更新 2020.12.20


” Starry Blue” 2020


The starry blue ocean is a cradle
Remember the eternal memory
Here to sing the song of Lives
Heaven shall bloom on the earth



“あまかける” 2020


Your wishes are blooming on this island
Let us celebrate your life that never vanishes
My aspiration for freedom flies to nirai-kanai
So I sing my gratitude to the heavenly rainbow



“We Are the World Medley 2020” 


I pray for those who are fighting illness all over the world, and for the safety of the medical staff all over the world. Hope that the day will come again when everyone sing and dance together!

You can convert the subtitles into 104 languages by using automatic translation function.

*  The video is monetized by the copyright holder



“車いす”  2020


「いつか ぼくは 作りたい 空を 飛べる 車いす
そして 夢が かなったら  最初に きみに 届けたい」

Rio’s first song dedicated to his close friend when he was 13 years old.

“I hope I can create the wheelchair which flies.
And when my dream comes true, you will be the first to whom I present it.
Let’s fly together with birds, and let’s eat cotton candy of clouds.
Let’s cross the rainbow, and let’s outrun the Moon at noon”



“琉球レボリューション REMIX”  2020 

「まどろむ世界に 上い太陽が 
弥勒世を告げる 歌となる」

For more video click →Rio’s Youtube Ch






三線2丁弾き。即興多重録音システム使用。オリジナル即興演奏(2017年,  宜野湾市民会館)

“いちか 願えや 叶ゆぐとぅ 
  クバぬ葉 渡ゆる風 ない欲さん
  いちか 願えや 叶ゆぐとぅ
  クバぬ葉 滴たいん露ちゃ ない欲さん”

“Kuba-nu-faa”  (the leaves of the Livistona)  in Okinawan language

Fantastical performance with 2 sanshins, using an improvised multiple recording system!

“Someday I will be the wind that blows through the leaves of the Livistona.
 Someday I will be the light that shines the leaves of the Livistona.
 Someday I will be the raindrops that drizzle on the leaves of the Livistona.”




編曲・演奏指導:大城貴幸先生。どうもありがとうございます。(2019年,  LIVE HOUSE MOD’S)

For more video click →Rio’s Youtube Ch